Engine pre-heaters protects and warms up the engine by heating up the coolant and transferring the heat to the engine through the coolant.

The transfer of the heat is done via the thermosiphon process (direct immersion heaters, tank heaters) or via a (build-in) circulation pump. (most effective way of preheating, especially for engines with larger coolant capacity).

As most of our heaters are thermostat controlled, the heater unit not only heats the coolant but also keeps it at a stable temperature.

Using a preheater, directly the engine wear will be reduced to a minimum because of the positive effect of pre-heating for all “moving” parts in the engine which needs a direct lubrication such as pistons, liners, (main) bearings, crankshaft, camshaft, turbo, (oil) pumps.

Further, both fuel consumption as the engine emissions will also reduce substantially when the engine is preheated. Lower engine emissions will protect the environment.

Besides pre-heaters for the coolant, also heaters are available for (direct) heating for (diesel) fuels, engine oils, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, other (industrial) liquids and batteries.

Also heaters available for more comfort and safety such as cabin heaters and battery chargers. (automotive, truck and bus applications). All with equal or similar positive effects as reducing wear, lower (fuel) consumption, lower environmental damage and longer lead time of the heated liquids.


  • reduces engine wear; immediate flow of warm oil to critical engine parts
  • smoother running of the engine by starting (and idling)
  • extends time between (engine) overhauls; lower maintenance costs
  • saves warm-up time; full power on demand
  • reduces engine emissions; protects the environment
  • saves fuel
  • stops destructive condensation and prolongs battery life
  • provides immediate defrosting
  • models designed for heating diesel, fuel, hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, cabins
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • models available with integrated pump system; most effective way of pre-heating
  • most models thermostat controlled
  • separate spare parts available
  • most models classified weather / watertight (IP46 and higher)
  • models available for Class 1, Group D applications
  • various voltages, phases, and wattages (up to 40KW) available